french (icarian) heritage days

come celebrate with us!

Join us to honor the French history and culture of Nauvoo, Illinois.
The Festival will take place July  1st through the 3rd. The month of July connects with France because of Tour de France Bicycle Race (the race usually starts the last week of June and ends the middle of July) and Bastille Day (July 14).

Attend any or all of the events by registering on Eventbrite!

Donations are suggested, but not required and will be accepted at any time
(to provide funding for next year’s event) 


Friday, July 1st Events

Choose between two fantastic evening events!

Mississippi River Boat
Legacy Boat Cruise

4:30 PM: Greetings to French Heritage Days attendees. Riverboat Cruise from the end of Parley street (site of the Latter-Day Saints Exodus) 45 Minute Cruise - $16

Secondhand Bliss
Wine and Juice Tastings

5:30 PM: Greetings to French Heritage Days attendees. A car will be needed to get to The Press House Winery. Wine and grape juice tastings. Cost per tasting. Tips accepted.
Music by Secondhand Bliss.
BBQ provided by Big Guys BBQ FM
Map to The Press House Winery

Saturday, July 2nd Events

Last day registration is accepted!

We have a number of events all day for your enjoyment :

Randall Soland at the Inn at Old Nauvoo
Introduction: The Inn at Old Nauvoo

8:30 AM: Introduction and playing of La Marseillaise, LIVE 9:00 AM: Opening Talk by Randy Soland, Private Practice Counselor, Historian and Nauvoo Native: “Who Were the French Icarians? Why Did They Come to Nauvoo? Why Did They Leave?” - FREE

Weld House Museum
Walking/Driving Tour of Icarian Properties

10:30-11:30 AM: Guided walking tour of downtown Icarian properties (Tour Guide: Randy Soland) and a visit to the Weld House Museum to view Icarian artifacts. - FREE

The Cambre House
The Cambre House

12:00-1:30 PM: A car will be needed to reach The Cambre House. Talk by Rebecca Williamson, President of the Nauvoo Historical Society, and tour of the French Cambre House - Box Lunch $15
Map to the Cambre House

Nauvoo, IL
Stroll around Nauvoo, Illinois

2:00 - 5:00 PM: You're on your own. Check out the town's shops, The Nauvoo Fudge Factory, The Flood Museum Gem and Rock Show, some of the historic homes and buildings on the flats, or take a nap at your hotel!

Cruisin' for the Kids
Cruisin' for the Kids

5:00 -5:30 PM: Check out some of the old cars at the 10th Annual Cruisin' for the Kids by the old grade school and site of the new Nauvoo Community Center.

Fireworks at the Nauvoo Temple
Fireworks and Music

9:00 -10:00 PM: Fireworks! Go to the area west of the Nauvoo Temple to hear the Nauvoo Orchestra perform and to watch the fireworks display.

Sunday, July 3rd Events

Bike Ride
Leisurely Bike Ride

8:30 AM: Join us at Baxter's Vineyards and Winery to take a leisurely bike ride of Nauvoo with members of the Nauvoo Bike Club

French Heritage Bike Race
Tour de Nauvoo Bike Race

12:00 PM: Participate in the Tour de Nauvoo - a 2-mile bike race. Prizes will be given for first, second, and third places - $20 Entrance Fee also gets you a lifetime membereship in the Nauvoo Bike Club, and a bottle of water for the race!

Wine and Cheese Tasting
Wine and Juice Tasting - Tour and Music

1:00 - 5:00 PM: Join us back at Baxter's Vineyards and Winery for wine and grape juice tastings - cost per tasting. Tips will be accepted. Enjoy a winery talk and tour with music by the Elijah Boyer Band, followed by announcements and dates for next year's festival!

Did You Know?

Our sister city, Le Havre, France, is the city where the Icarians departed for America.

Before You Go

Fairy Door Trail
Nauvoo Fairy Door Trail

The Nauvoo Fairy Door Trail is a fun a new way to experience Nauvoo. Visitors can see many varieties of Fairy Doors up and down Mulholland St.

Nauvoo Fairy Door Trail on Facebook